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Building Notices and Inspections in Gippsland


When a new structure is being constructed it must have a building permit from the local municipality and Building Council which is usually given when the plans meet their codes and requirements. When new constructions are being built without a permit, a notice will be sent out for that location. There is a deadline to receive the building permit and if it is not obtained by the appointed time penalties can occur. Penalties can include court actions, fees and demolitions of buildings.


Avoid penalties.

To avoid these penalties a permit must be obtained by a qualified building surveyor. ADI Building Services Pty Ltd is a registered and qualified Building Practitioner that can perform the necessary inspections for you to obtain the permit.

Expert advice.

We can also provide our expert advice on any additional issues you may run into during this phase. We aim to do everything to help you navigate smoothly through the process and will do all that we can do achieve this.

Don’t put in the drawer and forget it!

You may be tempted to put aside the letter to get back to it later, but don’t! It is an easy task to forget about in the craziness of life, but it is just as easy to take care of. All you have to do is give ADI Building Services Pty Ltd a call and schedule an inspection and we’ll take care of the rest for you. 


Let our experts help you, schedule with us today.

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